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Patisserie Mme SAKKA

Pastry specialized in traditional Baklewa

Baklawa is a traditional Turkish dessert that is also widespread in Greece and in Middle Eastern and Maghreb kitchens.

Our pastry shop specialized in traditional Baklewa

Delicious and prestigious, Sfaxian Baklawa created to put your senses in turmoil.

The Sfaxian Baklawa: it’s good but it’s rich!

The Tunisian baklawa is a traditional pastry long to achieve.
It consists of thin sheets of dough oiled one by one, superimposed in a dish.
A mixture of finely ground and crushed dry fruits is placed between the leaves, which are then cooked and then dipped in sugar water with lemon juice to avoid caramelization.

Almond, Flour, Sugar, Corn oil.

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