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Quality and Values at The Pastry of Madam SAKKA

Thanks to its great enthusiasm for the craft, its infallible know-how and a range of state-of-the-art equipment, the The Pastry of Madam SAKKA is the mainstay of our strength.

« Pâtisserie Madame SAKKA » is to live a magic moment

Entering the pastry « Pâtisserie Madame SAKKA » is to live a magic moment, it is to dive into a particular universe where the cakes are exposed and tell a story. It is a story of the best talents, the creators, the enthusiasts, that we have given freely the means to flourish, to immerse ourselves in the culture of our brand. Men and women each one in his post; Bakers, Viennese, pastry chefs, chocolatiers, cooks, designers, creators, commercial …

24/7 support to meet your every needs:

Our commercial team, dressed in the colors of our pastry, guides the visitor, takes possession of the premises, informs about the products and services offered by « Pâtisserie Madame SAKKA » and offers all necessary assistance and a 24/7 support to meet your every needs. It is a team of solidarity-based collaborators who are driven to ambitious goals and who ensure the perpetuity and reputation of the brand.

The hospitality of our clientsis an honor, serving them well is a must. This is how our brand was born, our image is built, it is our reflection for today and tomorrow.

Quality and Hygiene:

For the sake of hygiene, the « Pastry of Madam SAKKA » team sees to a precautionary strategy to ensure that our products are vigilantly monitored at all stages of production and packaging.

It is in the course of its experiments and in what nature offers us the noblest that the « Pâtisserie Madame SAKKA » has learnt to recognize and respect the good products, the best ingredients that make the richness of pastries: refined wheat, almonds , Walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, honey pinion, fine butter … Essences of perfumes and textures skillfully juxtaposed to offer you a unique tasting.

Close to our customers and continuing to delight them with artisan creations without equal and creations noticed, one can cheerfully draw without fear of frustration.

Benefit from the « Pastry of Madam SAKKA » of our range of products and the excellence of our services and this 7 days / 7, from early morning until late in the evening.

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